Selection & funding through the "DIMIOURGO" programme of the Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs

1-4 April 2019

Bluechain, through its partnership with the CALLISTO NGO was selected as a supported project, to be financed as part of the "DIMIOURGO" programme of the GR Ministry of Internal Affairs, created to support iniatives towards Environmental Protection and the promotion of Cultural Creativity in the Macedonia Region of Greece. Bluechain's team would like to extend our gratitude to the Greek Ministry and Callisto for their crucial aid as we take our first steps.

Invitation & presentation as a World-Top-20 project in the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE

1-4 April 2019

Bluechain was selected as a World Top-20 project in the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was invited to present and take part in the Blockchain Challenge, also to attend a 5 day preparation course, to explore the partnerships and synergies with Dubai's Government as part of its vision for a Smarter Dubai, fully digitized by 2020.

2nd prize @ the 2018 BYTOM Global Developer Competition

17-18 November 2018

Bluechain competed against 100+ teams from all over the world and was invited to present amidst the top-16 teams in China. During the final in the BYTOM Global DevCon, on the 17th & 18th of November 2018, in the G20 Summit International Expo Center of Hanghzhou, China, Bluechain managed to stand strong and win the 2nd prize.

2018 Award of Excellence from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

30 January 2019

For distiniguished performance and innovation on an International level, Bluechain and its creators were presented with the Award of Excellence by the Dean of the university (Mr. Perikles Mitkas) and the relevant academic commitees from the faculty of Natural Sciences, during a relevant celebration for "Academic Excellence of AUTh during 2018".

Project presentation @ the Summit for Optimal Practices in Education & Innovation, at the University of Macedonia

4 December 2018

We presented Bluechain and its architecture and workflows in the University of Macedonia, during the summit for Optimal Educational & Innovation practices. The meeting aimed to showcase and motivate Greek Lyceum students on academic research practices, and offer a connection between late teen schooling and real-world working scenarios in problem solving and innovative technologies. Bluechain was invited to present on Innovation in the Computer Science sector.