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A Smart-Contract based, distributed system for the efficient management of
Industrial water, waste and energy resources, towards Economic, Social and Environmental growth.
Powerful, trustless, government-friendly and fully transparent,
powered by the BYTOM Blockchain.

"The EU has developed a shared virion of sustainable urban and territorial development - European cities should be
places of advanced social progress and environmental regeneration, as well as places of attraction and engines of economic growth
based on a holistic integrated approach in which all aspects of sustainability are taken into account."
Communication from the European Commission,

BlueChain is built to digitize and optimize the Environmental Resource market.
Assets in the project represent water resources, industrial waste and environmental biocapacity to contaminants.

Our Case Study and Proof of Concept work focus on the Yangtze River Economic Zone, but can be easily scaled-up to other water ecosystems. One of the first environmental resource large-scale management systems using blockchain-tech to be designed.

By maintaining a smart-contract network of the Government, Industries, Scientific teams and Environmental areas, a nation can achieve an optimised environmental resource control system that promotes blue growth and proper waste management.
Scientific communities sample and analyze pollutant saturations and interact with environmental zones through Smart-Contracts, while the Governing Body redirects industries and their waste towards the optimal and most sustainable disposal zones. Industries also request Water resources from the environment based on maximums issued by the Scientific community, and are rewarded for good practices through a Government-issued reward system: BlueCoin.
All processes take place transparently, and are viewable by all, leading to a blockchain system that is truly built for the benefit of the People and their land, with sustainable, environmentally-aware economic growth in mind.