The Bluechain system is the main focus of our work. It's designed to record and manage natural resources (including energy) in European Ecosystems, on a public blockchain infrastructure that allows for both efficiency, availability to Research & Preservation authorities, and complete, a-priori transparency. At the same time, our design is focused on providing useful metrics to Production Facilities operating on the Ecosystem, so that they too benefit from the system - avoiding a Production vs. Environment dilemma.
Fully Open-Source, code & design included.


Identity in Europe is shifting towards complete digitization. Following EU Directives for User Data security, ownerhsip and interperability, Bluechain has begun work on an innovative prototype Identity System, backed by blockchain tech, that achieves self-sovereignity: to be able to exist without the need for trust-providing third parties. The usecase we focus on is eHealth data management (medical records, certifications & vaccinations). We perform both technical and legal R&D on the proposed system.
Funded by the European Cohesion Fund's "Vouchers for Innovation" program.