European Identity standards are shifting rapidly, even more so after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic - highlighting the importance of user data privacy and security. We began work on an Identity Scheme using a blockchain backbone to achieve self sovereignity: Identities that do not require a Trusted Third Party (TTP) to certify them. We implement the latest research on the subject of blockchain identity, and follow Open Standards by W3C and MyData.Org.

We intend to build a working prototype of a Digital Self Sovereign Identity, backed on the Ethereum blockchain, that sets the standard for efficient and data-safe European Identities and can securely manage User Credentials, Validated Claims & Health Certifications (medical exams, vaccinations).

The Bluechain Identity side-project remains Open Source, and is funded by the European Cohesion Fund's "Vouchers for Innovation" programme.

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Selection of Bluechain as Experts+Instructors in Europe's DLT4ALL

Mar 26, 2020 11:21

In the DLT4ALL Programme of the European Commission, Bluechain's core team was selected as Experts in the field of blockchain smart contracts, and were placed as instructors in curriculum activities.

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Selection through the "DIMIOURGO" programme of the Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs

Apr 28, 2019 12:14

Through its partnership with CALLISTO NGO (GR), Bluechain was funded by the Greek Ministry of Internal Affairs as an Environmental Innovation & Protection initiative in Northern Greece.

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